Story of Tola.

It was about 25 years ago. I was waiting for my wife to return from a trip to India. Upon her return she unpacked some carpets that she purchased. After examined these beautiful hand-knotted rugs, I said to myself: “These are amazing!”. I was in the midst of closing down a previous business and I thought that this was an interesting product. I wanted to sell these carpets, so, we went back and met with the store owner and started looking through his inventory. After three days I must have chosen about 80 rugs. I told him I didn’t have any money and my credit card only had a 10 000$ limit, so we would have to reduce the amount I purchased. He said: “No, you’re going to take these home. I  trust that you’ll pay me back.” And that’s how I started the store.

 Somehow, carpets get in your blood. You get this desire to keep going whether you’re doing well or not because you are dealing with works of art. We traveled all over the world to choose the rugs. We have educated ourselves by going to Iran, Nepal, China and India, learning about the product and watching how the weavers make the rugs, how they prepare the materials, how they come up with the patterns. Some of the weavers create the pattern and then make the rug themselves. They are the artists.

Since 1985, Tola Montreal has been importing quality oriental carpets from different regions of the world. Our expertise lies in decorative hand-spun wool and vegetal dye rugs and Kilims from various weaving areas as well as contemporary carpets.

Keith Sulany.